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Rectangular Baler

Rectangular Baler – TF 5500



Baler is a piece of farm machinery used to compress a cut and raked crop (hay, straw or silage) into compact bales that are easy to handle, transport and store.

TOOS FADAK Company with the efforts of its experts has designed and manufactured a baler named TF 5500.

The most specified advantages of TF 5500 baler are listed as below.


Heavy duty drives

The crown wheel and pinion in gear box of TF 5500 engage each other spirally. It means that the contact area of the gear teeth is more than usual geared machines which causes more firmness and long life of the gearbox.


Gearbox protection and safety system

A clutch supported PTO shaft is used in TF 5500 baler which protects the gearbox against damages whenever the PTO is switch off.


Feed tines

Wide area movement design of feed tines causes huge crop pick up thoroughly and pushing it into the baling channel smoothly.


Feed tines protection and safety system

Each tine has been equipped  with separated cutting bolts to prevent crop pick up system from damages.


Huge crop pick up

Using dual spring steel tines closely spaced and specially angled design causes huge volume of any kind of crops to be picked up from the field.


Powerful ram

The high quality bearings used in heavy ram equipped with special design blades cause a very smooth and continues function of the machine.


Unique bale quality

The baler knotter  delivers the dense bales with the tight knots that can be handled several times and store them for a long period of time.


Technical Specifications





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